Why the Philippines?


• The Philippines now ranks as the top call center service provider in  the world.

• Industry reports show that it has surpassed the previous leader, India, in terms of both revenue and   head count.

• In response to the strong demand in the industry, we have decided to launch a venue where service   providers, leaders, buyers, and more can interact and share their ideas.


• Began emerging in 2000

• 638,000+ direct employees by 2011

• 1.6 million indirect employees

• 20+ sectors

• #1 in voice BPO

• #2 in non-voice, complex services

• Serving North America, Asia, EU

• Over 700 IT-BPO companies and Global In-house Centers (GIC)

• The IT-BPO and global in-house center industry in the Philippines has grown at an annual rate of 30   percent over a decade, faster than the growth of the global offshore services market. As it has grown,   the industry has diversified significantly in breadth, scale and maturity of services.

• The IT-BPO and global in-house center industry in the Philippines is characterized by its strong   voice sector; rapidly expanding non-voice, complex services sectors; a large and talented English   speaking labor pool; and strong affinity for Western culture and business processes.

• By 2016, the IT-BPO and global in-house center industry can grow to US$25 billion in revenue,   employing more than 1.3 million Filipinos directly, and contributing close to 10   percent of GDP.

• The Philippine government offers a welcoming environment to foreign investors including generous   incentives, while the private sector provides assistance to enable investors to setup and begin   operations in the Philippines rapidly and cost effectively.



 “The Philippine economy has being moving from strength-to-strength over the last decade. GDP, investments, the stock market, dollar reserves, the peso, and even tourism are all booming and breaking all-time highs, even against one of the most challenging global business environments in modern history.” – Enrique A. Manalo, Philippine Ambassador to the United Kingdom (UK)