Global-Link MP

Global-Link MP has been, for the past 15 years, engaged in the business of organizing, managing, and holding exhibits, special events, business-to-business activities, conferences, trade mission, and international trade and consumer shows. With over 15 international and local annual events in its portfolio, the company is already widely recognized as the leading trade and consumer exhibition and conference organizer in the country.

Other services being offered by Global-Link MP include conference management, consultancy services, events management, exhibit management, graphic designing, product launching, publicity and promotions, trade missions, visitor promotions, database generation and other below-the-line marketing projects.

Elisha Telecom

Elisha Telecom is now established as one of the leading facilitators of telephony and converged solutions. Providing small and medium sized businesses with technology previously only accessible to larger corporations, Elisha Telecom has a talent for simplifying the most complex of requirements.Contact centre infrastructure, CRM integration, call monitoring and reporting, audio and video conferencing and much more. As Open Source application specialists, Elisha Telecom is able to provide flexible, cost effective solutions together with the advanced functionality associated with single vendor proprietary offerings.